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How it Works


Drop in an agreement.


Resolve looks it over to find matching, missing, or uncommon language.


You review the results, taking advantage of integrated guidance and standard clause language.


When done, share Resolve's analysis with your colleagues.


Expedite Contract Review

Automatically compare any agreement to ContractStandards or your private standards and instantly discover which clauses are

  • matching
  • potentially missing
  • non-standard

A Term Sheet for Every Contract

Resolve automatically identifies key negotiation points.

  • Business terms: Parties, names, places, dates and amounts
  • Legal terms: Principal contract obligations, rights and restrictions

Draft New Agreements

Insert standard and approved alternative language in your contract and promote uniform drafting.

Get Context

Unfamiliar with a clause? No problem.

Consult our integrated library of contract checklists, model forms, clause language, and legal research.


What is ContractStandards?

ContractStandards is a free, online library of model checklists, contract, and clauses. We run thousands of real-world agreements from SEC EDGAR through our analytic algorithms to identify common document structure and language. Learn More

How does a custom plan work?

We run your agreements through our analytic software to identify common elements throughout. We then plug that data into a private Resolve so you can benchmark new agreements. We also give you the tools to create custom guidance and standards for your organization. Email us at or call (404)783-8765 to learn more.